Valuestaff are thriving in partnership with Quba Solutions

Recruitment finance and back office solution providers Quba Solutions are continuously working to maintain and build strong relationships with new and existing clients. A recent interview with Valuestaff Managing Director Gregg Marrett highlights their partnership with Quba Solutions and how their expertise and services have helped them thrive in the recruitment industry.

Who are Valuestaff?

Valuestaff are a recruitment agency with the passion and drive to make sure everyone’s happy. From the initial offset, Valuestaff have been providing “Value” in everything they do for their clients and candidates. Gregg Marrett, Managing Director of Valuestaff highlighted the following:   

“It’s not necessarily cost driven recruitment; when you look at the vast overheads of many of our competitors, it is not hard to see why we are usually more competitive when we supply the same workers that may be registered with multiple recruiters! We figure that our clients will be happier if they are paying less for the same worker with the same if not better customer service.”

Their time in the recruitment sector:

Establishing in the recession of 2009, Valuestaff have since operated in multiple sectors across the UK including: construction, demolition, Industrial, waste, property and surveying. Starting a business in the middle of the UK recession, Valuestaff were becoming more involved in carrying out statutory obligations, payroll and credit control which hindered their business growth and prevented them doing what they do best - and that’s recruit workers for both temporary and permanent positions.  Cash flow soon become a significant issue; mainly due to their success within the construction industry, which is renowned for late payments or withholding payments, carrying an average debtor day of 50+.  This highlighted the need for Valuestaff to work in partnership with a recruitment finance company that would be able to alleviate this financial burden, offer back office solutions and enable them to be cash positive - which is Valuestaff partnered with Quba Solutions.

During the early days of a recession, many businesses were turned away or rejected on the basis that credit insurance couldn’t be obtained. Valuestaff knew that not all of these businesses were “bad business” and felt there was a good market during the difficult times ahead.  Since using Quba Solutions’ online portal Gregg and his team have 24/7 access to real-time data; enabling them to see exactly what their debt position is, versus the credit limits obtained.

How have Quba Solutions Assisted Valuestaff?

Question: What were the problems/limitations with your previous financial provider?

Answer: Communication. I had a long-term client call me on Christmas Eve asking why I had instructed bailiffs to issue a winding-up order at his head office; I hadn’t, but the previous provider had and didn’t think to tell me. When this happened for the second time, it was time to move on.

At Quba Solutions, we strongly believe that the key to every business is communication! As a result, we provide Gregg and his team with an individual Account Manager who makes it their job to understand the business. Each manager is fully trained in all aspects of freelance recruitment, Payroll, HMRC statutory reporting.   

Question: Did you find the transfer process easy?

Answer: Too easy, no issues what so ever. And there should have been!

Quba Solutions’ online dashboard has an API connection to a number of recruitment software providers. We can also import any CSV file for bulk uploads of candidate and client data saving, significant time and hassle.  On the day of transfer itself, Quba will endeavour to ensure that your chosen account manager is on site to aid with any difficulties and help with any training required.

Question: What do you love about Quba?

Answer: How easy and simple it is to do business. Our contacts there, Sam and Sally, are decent people, highly knowledgeable and understand how we work.

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