Recruitment Industry Changes Quba Solutions can help with in 2018

2017 provided the recruitment sector with many industry changes; including the introduction of automation technology, National Minimum Wage changes and the launch of Brexit. Despite this, the sector also saw growth in the number of start-up recruitment agencies, with Onrec reporting that almost 900 new recruitment agencies were registered at the beginning of 2017. 

With 2018 setting in, we anticipate that even more industry changes will happen this year. Recruitment agencies and recruiters will need to consider the future trends in recruitment as these can ultimately have an impact on business practices, future employee talent and those seeking for jobs.

Find out what our Director, Rik King has to say on the key trends that are set to impact the industry in 2018:


Currently, the UK relies on the Data Protection Act 1998, but this will be superseded by GDPR legislation which will apply to all EU member states from 25th May 2018.  It introduces tougher fines for non-compliance and breaches, and gives individuals more control over what companies can do with their data.

Why is it being introduced?

The current legislation the UK relies on is the Data Protection Act, which is over 20 years old and was enacted before the internet and cloud technology created new ways of exploiting personal data.  The EU also wishes to give businesses a simpler and clearer legal environment, making data protection law identical throughout the entire market. 

GDPR Practices & Regulations:

1. Deleting - All personal data must be deleted after a set period of time, including when it’s no longer used for the purpose it was collected.

2. Consent and opting in - GDPR requires explicit consent for data processing.

3. Communication - You must communicate with someone as to why you’re collecting their data and how you’re going to use it. You’ll need to think about existing and new employees.

4. Reporting a breach - Data breaches or cyber attacks must be reported to affected parties and the Data Protection Commission within 72 hours.

5. Safety - You must provide appropriate levels of security for any data you store. This includes cyber security software and access controls.

6. Due diligence on suppliers - Do your suppliers adhere to GDPR? Be sure to make sure that all suppliers are adhering to GDPR regulations. 

At Quba Solutions, we can help your agency prepare and provide you guidance on all the requirements to be GDPR compliant and avoid significant financial penalties.  By using our online dashboard, you can be assured that the back office element of your business is GDPR compliant.

Social Media and Advertising

Social Media is currently taking over the world; there are 1.9 billion active users on Facebook daily. This is by far the most active social media channel, with Instagram coming in second with 500 million users per day and Twitter third with 330 million users per month.  Advertising and marketing will further embrace social media, which is an additional way of posting job adverts online, on top of the job boards and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the recruiter's networking tool of choice and many see it as a free database of available candidates. It also provides a handy jobs page for advertising; however, 2018 will see a huge shift in the use of social media for recruiting, with Facebook challenging LinkedIn for this lucrative market.

The recruitment industry is currently seeing Facebook trial their job boards in North America and Canada; enabling users to search and apply for jobs directly from their app and making it easier and quicker to apply for jobs. The new feature will collate a pre-populated page with your name, education, and job history, which it takes from your current profile. You can edit this, and you are also able to type a cover letter for up to 1000 characters.

Quba Solutions has extensive knowledge surrounding social media and we have a partnership with an award-winning, full-service and results-focused digital agency that can help provide advice and services to move your business into the social media environment.

A.I. and Technology

Businesses are slowly coming to terms with Artificial Intelligence and how it can drive efficiencies in the workplace. In 2018, A.I. is set to grow and expand even more than anticipated and can be especially useful for businesses operating within the recruitment sector.

Firstly, A.I. has reduced recruiter bias when selecting candidates. A.I. has been programmed to focus on candidate skills rather than their demographic, race and age. As a result, talented candidates are fed through pipelines and the quality of screening candidates is improved. It also allows recruiters to focus on the more important aspects of their day-to-day work, allowing them to be more efficient.

Modern talent acquisition technology powered by artificial technology has significantly reduced the time in sourcing quality talent for recruiters. Recruiters who put the time into learning AI technology will up-skill and ultimately increase their productivity. This will lead to better quality hires. The use of talent mapping and using multiple algorithms to analyse big data will help recruiters to engage with high-quality talent.

Quba Solutions continues to invest heavily in its technology, aiming to drive increased efficiencies in our back office dashboard.  We listen to clients for constant improvements we can make, in order to save time on the back office function. Real-time visibility on debt, GM and timesheets are of high importance, as well as API’s into favoured recruiter software for seamless transfer of data.

Here at Quba Solutions, we offer an extensive range of services suitable for recruitment agencies including payroll, back office solutions, and E-Timesheet functionality. Contact our team to discuss how we can support and drive your recruitment agency throughout 2018.