Why is 2018 the perfect year to start a recruitment agency?

We can analyse data and look at different forecasts into the overall economy and individual markets but the first question to ask yourself is... why not start your own recruitment agency in 2018?

Have you been working for someone else helping develop and grow a desk or even multiple desks? Does your current manager have the same passion, drive, determination, and ambition as you? Are they helping, assisting and driving you and your career in the right direction at the speed you deserve? Pertinent questions many of our clients have asked themselves before branching out. Create your own vision and build your new business on core values that you passionately believe in.

Previous Recruitment Industry Turnover

2017 was an exceptional year for recruiters, Recruiters helped almost 1 million people find a new permanent job in 2016/17, and on any given day there are 1.3 million temporary agency workers on recruiters’ payroll.

Total industry turnover was £32.2 billion in 2016/17. £28.2 billion (87.6 percent industry turnover) was achieved through temporary/contract placement activity, while approximately £4.0 billion (12.4 percent) was generated through permanent placements.

Economic Landscape

Any time is a good time if you have the belief to succeed and the drive and motivation then chances are you will succeed. A common statement from many of our clients is “I just wish I did this years ago”. If you are worried about the economy, however, you should take satisfaction in knowing that UK unemployment is at the lowest level since the mid-1970’s and the FTSE is at an all-time high. Quite frankly, no one can accurately predict the future economy, but if you believe in yourself, are passionate about your market, are driven and hardworking then why not start your recruitment business in 2018.

Correct Skill-Set

Your experience in recruitment has equipped you with the majority of skills you are going to need to run your own business, you’re already an expert in this area. There are many aspects that you will be less sure about but will be equally important to keep your new company compliant and profitable. Surrounding yourself with people and suppliers that can add value to your business is vital and this is where Quba Solutions can help.


Finance, an important aspect of any business. Our 100% finance scheme enables you to trade without the usual cash-flow constraints of traditional finance. Quba Solutions is a product that provides both the finance and back office capability in a convenient online platform allowing you to run and grow a successful recruitment business. As you become more successful you’ll need to have access to increased funds available to pay your workers, staff, and overheads. Not paying workers or staff on time could spell the end before you’re really got going!  Our product allows you to spend more time on business development and subsequent fee-generating activities rather than back-office administration.

If you have stalled in your career and dream of running your own business, then contact us for more information. You don’t need to give up equity or employ multiple staff, nor do we tell you how to run your business – you’re the expert.  Place the temporary worker and we pay you the margin for that worker the following week. It couldn’t be easier to set up on your own and remember 2018 is the perfect year.