How Dunbar Education used Quba Solutions as their Invoice & Payroll Partner

Dunbar Education is an education recruitment agency, priding itself on providing an outstanding service to our schools and teachers. As a recruitment agency, Dunbar specialises in long-term and permanent positions within the Primary and Secondary sectors throughout the UK. With offices located in England and internationally, Dunbar has the capacity to offer a personal service to the UK and overseas trained teachers.

Dunbar Education partnered with Quba Solutions at the beginning of 2017 as an invoice finance and payroll partner; since establishing an education recruitment agency, Dunbar has experienced great success and have some exciting plans for 2018. View our recent case study/interview with Dunbar Director, Matt Brown, and see how we have helped a new start-up see business throughout 2017.  

How difficult was it starting up your own business?

Moving from working for someone else into starting our own business, we experienced a huge learning curve. We had the experience to know that we could make the fees but the operations side of the business was something which I had very little knowledge of; so understandably, we were slightly apprehensive at the beginning.

What factors led to you choosing Quba Solutions as your invoice finance partner?

Having spoken to a few different finance companies, I was recommended Quba Solutions by a former colleague, who had made a similar step a year or so before. Having met with Rik and the team at the London office, I was instantly impressed, both with him personally, and with what the company could offer my start-up business.

The guys at Quba walked through the entire process from start to finish, made me aware of what steps we needed to take and what Quba would do for us. We learned that the work we had to do throughout the process was minimal, meaning we could really focus on making placements, which is obviously vitally important in the early days.

Aside from the simplicity of the service, the reason we choose Quba was the personal touch that they offered us. Never was a call unreturned and I met with the team on a number of occasions throughout the process.

How has the first year of trading been for you?

I am happy to say that, overall, our first year of trading has been a success. We have had some knocks along the way and times where we have perhaps spread ourselves too thin; but we have managed to increase our headcount, move into a new office and exceed our financial targets.

The support that we have had from Quba has been excellent throughout, and the time and effort we have saved with them managing the entire payroll process has played no small part in the fact that we have been able to reach our financial targets.

How useful are the online tools available at Quba Solutions?

Quba Solutions’ dashboard is fantastic and something which is very easy to work. It allows us to see every aspect of the finances; from knowing who meets the criteria for us to be able to supply, to seeing when our timesheets are in and processed, to knowing which debts we need to be aware of.

We can also monitor which clients are bringing us the best fees (handy at the end of last year when we were sending out the Christmas hampers). In terms of the online timesheet process itself, both clients and candidates have commented on how easy it is to use and we have barely had a hiccup from the start. 

What growth plans have you got for 2018?

2017 saw us move into a new office and take on two new consultants. We expect to add another four people to the business in 2018, at varying levels; allowing us to not only increase our fees but also the quality of service we offer to both our clients and candidates. Quba will play a huge part in this.

How are Quba Solutions helping with cash flow for future business plans?

We have a large temp side to our business and, without the assistance they give us in financing this, we would be unable to move forward at a rate anywhere close to this. Quba have been a fantastic financial partner to us throughout 2017 and I have no doubt that they will continue to be so in 2018 and beyond.


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