Uploading timesheets effectively

Continuing the theme of our easy to use system, we’ve created a way you can submit your timesheets whereby you upload everything at once, to save you time.

All you need to do is go to the timesheets tab on your Dashboard and scroll to the bottom of the page until you get to ‘Timesheet Scans’.

Using the timesheet upload button is the best way to get timesheets over to Quba ready for invoicing. We’ve designed this button so you don’t need to worry about file size or the amount of timesheets you’re submitting at once. It will also mean you don’t have to individually email all of your timesheets over.

File types you can upload


You can upload PDFs, image files such as .jpeg, .bmp, .png and .tif

Unfortunately word documents and email files cannot be accepted. If you have timesheets which are of this file type all you need to do is change them to one of the accepted file types as detailed above and you’ll be able to upload.


Receiving timesheets is a vital part of the invoicing process. With our standard payments terms on invoices being 30 days from date of invoice, not receiving the timesheet causes major issues with receiving payments from clients, therefore meaning clients could go outside of the standard 30 day terms and end up trading over their credit limit.


If you don’t currently use Quba Solutions as your factoring facility and are interested in doing so, please feel free to call the office on 01305 233178 or email info@quba.solutions