Protecting your business against disaster

We’re no strangers to innovation. Over many years we have had to regularly alter our approach and infrastructure, adapting to new ways of doing business. As a result, we are constantly evolving, servicing the needs of our clients and ensuring our customer service is not only first class but also resilient.

Our latest step involves partnering with a new IT service provider who will not only take over our day to day IT requirements, but more importantly helping us transition to cloud-based technology to ensure Quba Solutions is always online and can make continue to make payments through any disaster.

Summary of new capabilities:

  • A cloud platform that is backed up over 5 separate UK data centre nodes ensuring data continuity and security even in apocalyptic scenarios
  • Use of Citrix virtual desktop solutions, offering unrivalled continuity options – should the worse happen, our software and servers can be accessed remotely by our staff from almost anywhere
  • With IT capabilities outsourced and managed by our supplier off-site, the most critical software updates can be installed directly, leaving us at the cutting edge of virus and malware resiliency
  • Following the initial infrastructure changes, the introduction of a 4G Tower hotspot in Q4 to allow continuity in the event of a wired-broadband failure
  • With the new General Data Protection Regulations around the corner in 2018, this new infrastructure will put us ahead of the curve in terms of implementation

As a business, you have many things to consider when choosing a supplier; compliance, customer service and flexibility all come to mind but not everyone imagines the scenario where that supplier has a disaster and can no longer function. With Quba Solutions you can be sure that disaster will not stop your recruitment operation.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help protect your business, call us on 01305 233178.