21st Century recruitment with e-timesheets.

In recruitment, as in all industries, technology is moving fast, changing the way we do our jobs and interact with our clients. Yet as in all industries there are certain ways of operating that continue to resist the forces of change.

One of the most common reminders of recruitment of the 90’s and early 00’s is the continued use of paper timesheets, despite the rapid technological advancements.

Having been a recruiter myself, building and running a 100-man blue and white collar trade desk for 3 years, I know the distinct pain of spending my Monday’s chasing outstanding timesheets. Trying to reach temps or site managers on their pre-Smartphone mobiles. Desperately trying to cajole them into signing timesheets and sending them to me via fax or, if I was lucky, email.

Amazing then that all these years later agencies are still operating in this way, often out of necessity rather than choice. Recruitment-specific CRM systems with online timesheet functions can often be prohibitively expensive to a small or medium sized agency. Even if they are affordable they are frequently clunky to operate and unreliable.

Imagine if you will a scenario whereby a user-friendly, sleek e-timesheet service is provided by your invoice finance provider for no extra cost. A service that automatically notifies both the temp and client of their required actions each week. A service that enables detailed feedback on the progress of the timesheet through the approval process to the agency. A service that automatically delivers the approved timesheet directly into the payroll software, resulting in the temps being paid each week without any administrative involvement by the agency.

This is the service that Quba offer our agency partners every week as part of our industry leading invoice finance solution.

Our eTimesheet service provides mobile and tablet friendly timesheet functions that supersede any available elsewhere with our competitors. Login links are sent to the temps and clients as soon as an assignment is created and are accompanied by detailed assignment schedules and terms of business, all branded with our agency partners’ logos.

If you would like an informal but confidential chat on how these services could benefit your agency please feel free to call me any time on 07795 572916 or email me at mike@quba.solutions.