How Quba Solutions can support your recruitment business in invoice financing

At Quba Solutions we take pride in being able to support recruitment businesses in invoice financing. Read below to find out how Quba Solutions can support your recruitment business in invoice financing:

Long-standing background:

Our long-standing background in the recruitment industry helps both us and our clients on every level. Our employees appreciate and understand how freelance recruitment works, the time in which it can take to get that ‘first temp out’ and how difficult and inefficient it can be when using an invoice factoring company with limited to non-existent recruitment experience.

A team of dedicated experts:

Quba Solutions is the leading invoice financing solution in the recruitment marketplace. We have a comprehensive credit control and finance team, led by Paul Tonks who has 15 years experience working as a Finance Director of the world's second largest recruitment agency.

Since joining Quba Solutions, Paul has built an incredibly knowledgeable team and has instilled, first hand, his knowledge of the marketplace and sectors that he has previously experienced. The immense benefit arising from Quba Solutions having a effective and efficient credit control team is that many of our clients see a reduction on the debtor days.

Strong communication:

Working on the principle of communication being key is how Quba functions; invoice finance companies often have big call centres, reducing the personalisation and consistency. At Quba, we have a set number of dedicated personal account managers, all of whom look after their own individual clients. By doing so, we really feel this helps to ensure a smooth, consistent and strong rapport builds between our company and the client.

Full debt insurance:

Trading with full debt insurance is also another way in which we can provide support and reassurance. With liquidation possible to even the most successful business, it is important to ensure any invoice finance company provides full debt insurance to their clients. Throughout our experience, we have seen the peace of mind that coincides with debt insurance and reassurance that you will never be affected by a client that becomes insolvent. Our process is simple; with our unique dashboard, clients can enter their details and, with a click of a button, can gain clarification of the amount at which they are insured for.

Strong communication:

Here at Quba, our systems are efficient, reliable and technologically advanced; ensuring a smooth and efficient process is delivered. Your margin that you make on each contractor is paid to you every week by midday every Friday; this eradicates any cash flow issues that many recruitment agencies experience when using traditional invoice finance solutions.

If you are searching for a dedicated company to support your invoice financing, why not contact us today? Head over to our contact form and fill out all of the required fields or alternatively call our team on: 01305 233178 who will be on hand to help.