2 Timesheet solutions for recruitment agencies

A timesheet is a method for recording the amount of time spent by a worker on a job. They are used by all recruitment agencies as a means to pay their workers and consequently bill their clients for their workers’ time. Traditionally, the timesheet was and is in paper format with the responsibility for completion on the worker to facilitate timely payments. More recently digital timesheets, known as online and etimesheets, are being used for their ease of use from any location.

Importance of Timesheets

The timesheet is an important document. It is more than a confirmation of hours worked, it's also a legal document referring to terms of business to guarantee payment in case of a dispute. Many of the perceived nuisances in filling in timesheets come them being paper: from workers remembering to fill them in at the correct time, to the client being available to physically sign it in time for that week’s payroll.

Does Quba’s Back Office Cater for Paper Timesheets?

Quba Solutions online dashboard, DynamiQ, can cater for a paper timesheet process as we understand that some industries are still more reliant on this method. In fact, we have made it as easy as possible for our clients to fill in a pre-populated spreadsheet once they have collated the hours from the timesheets they have received. But it still requires they fill in the spreadsheet and send us the received timesheets in order for us to be able to pay the candidates and invoice the clients correctly.

Does Quba’s Back Office Cater for Online Timesheets?

Online timesheet systems are by far the easiest method for a recruiter to use. Quba Solution’s DynamiQ allows online timesheets to be created by the worker and sent to the client for approval (or rejection).  At all stages of the online timesheet creation and approval process, the recruiter will have visibility on DynamiQ. Progress is shown with a traffic light system:

  • Orange = In Process

  • Red = Rejected

  • Green = Approved

  • White Icon = Confirms the timesheet is yet to be completed by the temp

Using the online system means that workers and clients can still be chased on progress, however, there is no need for the agency to be involved on a weekly basis meaning time is saved. The recruiter also has the ability to set two “approvers” per assignment to allow for one being on holiday.

Once Quba Solutions is in receipt of an electronic timesheet: we process pay to the worker for that week, invoice the client and pay over the margin to the agency as usual on a Friday. There are no spreadsheets to fill in and no physical timesheets to collect and send on.

Online timesheet systems can save recruitment agencies time and effort and streamline the whole process. That’s why we have a specially designed platform, DynamiQ, which help you to run your business in the most cost-effective manner and for us to provide the support you need. In addition to your online account, you will also be assigned an Account Manager and have access to a multitude of Back Office benefits.

To find out more about how Quba Solutions can help your recruitment business go from strength to strength, why not contact us today?