Why use back office software as a recruitment agency?

When choosing an invoice finance provider there are several things to consider. One of the key elements to think about is back office software provided by the financier. If it is provided, what does it do?   

Typically, without a bespoke package you'll need an accounting and payroll back office that hopefully links into your CRM and these will come at an extra cost on top of your finance arrangement. Quba’s online dashboard "DynamiQ" runs all of these basic features, including client, candidate and assignment management, but it has been optimised to display information such as gross profit and up-to-date debtors information too.

Key Information at Your Fingertips

The benefit of DynamiQ is having key information to hand 24/7 that can prove valuable for quick decision making. If speaking to a client directly, debtors reports are immediately available so information can be passed over straight away. Should turnover information be required by your accountant all you need to do is export a gross profit report for certain tax weeks. Having DynamiQ at your disposal will save you hours on running reports from multiple different accounting programmes etc. as everything is in one place.

The Human Element

As well your online portal, Quba’s Solutions provides a dedicated account manager who has a direct mobile number that you can get hold of whenever, wherever. At Quba we feel that you should be looked after by someone that knows and understands your business, not a call-centre providing generic advice. Along with a dedicated Account Manager we also provide a credit controller who is specifically tasked to look after your entire client/debtors list.

Back Office Process

To ensure payroll management is run correctly Quba regularly run a number of processes within the back office. We report RTI with every single payment run, we run PAYE/CIS submissions on a monthly basis, also before the end of each VAT quarter, we report a full breakdown to you as the agency*. Across the year Quba Solutions also provides support in regard to intermediary reporting, end of year summaries and all submissions through your government gateway. As DynamiQ has been developed by ex-recruiters and current business owners every step has been taken to ensure not only the best experience is received but also that all correct reports are submitted to HMRC punctually.

At the back end of 2017, Quba moved to a cloud-based system, primarily to ensure a robust disaster recovery process should anything happen at our Head Offices This means Quba has the payroll management solutions to continue to pay your workers should problems strike. To read more on how our innovative approach could work for you, please check out this previous blog we wrote.

For more information on what our back office system has to offer please feel free to contact us on 01305 233178 or contact us online.

*applicable to agency principal clients only