What are Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs)

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an approach to manage a company's interaction with current and potential customers. It involves using technology to organise, automate and synchronise the attraction, communication, and management of talent.

Finding the best recruitment software for your company is one of the biggest decisions a recruitment organisation will make and is one that is often made when a business is in its infancy.

Understanding what CRM is best for a business really isn’t a straightforward answer, especially when some platforms are costly and there are a large number of choices available in the marketplace.  Instead it’s all about finding the right platforms for each individual recruitment organisation.

To fully understand what CRM system your business requires, ask yourself the following few questions:

  1. What does my business look like today and what will it look like in five years?

  2. Is it a high volume business/database, therefore do you need to consider speed of search?

  3. How many consultants will I have & therefore what's the scalability of the CRM?

  4. Does the CRM need to link in with Social Media?

  5. Does the CRM need to work remotely?

  6. Who owns the Data?

  7. Do you have multiple databases or one combined one?

  8. Management reporting? Think longer term when you have a number of consultants.

  9. Are you compliant/working with the latest legislation such as GDPR, or are you a specialist sector such as nursing, teachers etc?

Considering the cost of CRMs is also vital, most charge per user basis but again don’t think now, think longer term. Often what is suitable or acceptable now isn’t workable or cost-effective in 5 years’ time. Don’t they say the easiest people to sell to are sales people? Therefore recruiters do your research, take your time and think long-term strategy. This is like a marriage you don’t want to be getting divorced in 3 years time!

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