Insight from industry expert Ashley Lyas, on why CRM Systems are valuable assets for businesses.

With the UK business sector growing rapidly, and with the continuous growth of technology and platform solutions available companies are continuously looking at how they can ensure their processes are efficient and agile. 

We spoke with Ashley Lyas, the Founder & Director of Quba Solutions about why CRMs are valuable assets to businesses. Ashley entered the business sector as a trainee recruitment consultant in 2001 and worked his way to a senior management position until launching his first jointly owned business in 2011. After working with one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Financial Directors in the industry, Ashley grabbed the opportunity to help recruitment entrepreneurs by starting a business that eradicates cash flow constraints to them with a 100% finance products. 

When did you start using CRM's? 

I’ve used CRM’S in one form or another since the day I started my recruitment career. I’m currently working with ZOHO for lead generation, storing of sales data etc.

What benefits have you experienced with CRM systems? 

In my experience, there are many benefits from using a quality CRM, and if used properly, should have an abundance of information on your client and your applicant and therefore this will enhance both experiences and help you meet expectations. We’ve all taken calls from clients who sound like your best mate, and the reality is you haven’t a clue who they are or what past conversations have been, hardly ideal from a sales perspective.

What advice would you offer to businesses searching for a CRM system?  

One of the most important thing for a small business is getting some kind of brand awareness in the marketplace, again this can be helped by utilising the marketing capabilities of your CRM, regular e-shots and mailshots is something I’ve always found to be key to my business.

It’s interesting as Quba specialises in recruitment finance and back office we see numerous small startups that have very little resource and money is tight, therefore they tend to start by using Excel. While this is fine, you soon realise that this is far from scalable and is something that is very much a stepping stone prior to adopting a professional CRM system.

You need to plan, think ahead and do your research prior to purchasing. It's important to understand where your business is going and what you actually want out of your CRM package.

When you start your business, the cost is a key driver BUT you don’t want to opt for a CRM system that is not fit for purpose believing you can upgrade later on. Changing CRM’s can very disruptive to the business and is something that you don’t want to be doing on an annual basis.

Improved sales and automation of tasks is key to all, again being able to message out a potential new job specification to a targeting mass audience is far more cost effective than picking up the phone to a huge exhaustive list of candidates, let the technology work for you.

In summary, there are huge benefits to working with a quality, recruitment orientating specialist CRM provider, in my experience, they are worth the investment, but do your homework first and remember no matter how adverse to technology you are, it’s a key function in today's business.

If you have are looking to source a dedicated and efficent CRM system to help your business in then why not contact us for more information? We can provide the support you need to see your recruitment agency thrive.