Going Eco-Friendly at Quba Solutions!

With recycling and the topic of reusable plastics so prominent in the news over the last couple of months, we decided here at Quba Solutions that we should be doing our bit for waste management and recycling. 

Over time we noticed in our HQ that we were throwing away a minimum of 10-12 bin bags of general waste every single week, this included all plastic, cardboard and paper, with little being reused and/or recycled. Initially we began by installing a "plastic carrier bag holder" by our office front door, aimed at those that regularly visit the shops at lunch time, meaning they could take a bag with them as oppose to buying one at the checkout. Not only helping the environment but also saving themselves 5p!  With great success amongst our colleagues, we decided to start looking at additional ways that we could reduce the amount of unnecessary waste we were throwing away each week as a business.  

Having partnered with our local council and the Dorset Waste Partnership, we now have a much smaller general waste bin (240L), a food waste compost bin, a 660L recycling bin, and three smaller versions in our office kitchen area.

Since starting this new regime back in February, we have significantly reduced our waste as a business by half and are now only throwing away around 5-6 bags of general waste a week.  Our 660L dry mixed recycling bin is filled weekly with boxes from deliveries, non-confidential waste paper and plastic from our lunchtime meals. With the whole Quba Solutions team on board, we are much more conscious of what we are throwing away and are now well on our way in helping to reduce carbon footprint!

Our Next Steps:

Last night we took the next step in helping to clean up our local environment. In association with Surfers Against Sewage, one of our nominated charities for 2018, 14 members of our team took part in a local beach clean, helping to improve our landscape areas. This is something we all feel needs to be addressed as it is saddening to see our picturesque countryside ruined by litter. Having spoken to the local authorities and with the generous lending of litter pickers and spare gloves, we made our way down to the beach at Osmington Mills, Dorset.

After just over an hour of litter picking, we managed to clear 14 bags of rubbish from the beach and the coastal paths, which were full of plastic bottles, cups, bags, rubber, cans (including aerosols) and glass bottles. The general consensus from our team was a shock to how much rubbish had washed up onto our local beach. Those of us involved last night believed that the majority of rubbish had been washed ashore rather than being left by beach goers, which just goes to show how much rubbish and plastic there is floating around in our seas.

For further information on our local charity work or ways in which your business could improve waste management and recycling, please contact us on 01305 233178.