How to run a successful recruitment business

Kenna Recruitment Ltd is a professional recruitment consultancy offering tailored, bespoke recruitment services to the construction sector. Their reputation is based on exceptional service levels and ability to create and maintain long, trustworthy relationships with clients.  Set up by Simon Kenna, a recruiter with 18 years’ experience placing Senior level candidates into the Construction industry throughout London & the South East. Simon gives us a brief rundown of what it was like setting up his own business.

How difficult was it starting up your own business? 

Very challenging, I kept overheads to a minimum and worked from my office at the end of the garden to keep costs low. At times I questioned myself as things often didn’t go my way, I kept on plugging however and after some months began to see results.

How has the first year of trading been for you so far?

Very good, we started placing freelancers in October last year which grew at a steady pace until April this year, when in a matter of weeks we’ve doubled the number of temps working. As you can imagine we are very pleased!

What were the main challenges that you faced?

Definitely has to be convincing customers that we had temporary workers on our books.  We're now the first point of call many customers will make when they are looking to supplement their site team with freelance staff.

What factors led you to choosing Quba Solutions as your invoice finance partner?

Quba offers a holistic factoring/payroll solution which means I could spend more time on making placements. In addition, they fund 100% of the invoice which means I receive the margin weekly as opposed to waiting 60 days for the customer to pay, great for cash flow.

How is Quba helping with future business plans?  

Quba Solutions have been very flexible/human in their approach to business, they have always listened and responded immediately to small obstacles we have faced.  As we grow and our temp base gets bigger they have offered fair rates to reflect the level of business we plan on doing.  We are overall very pleased and plan using them for the foreseeable future.

If you are looking for a business to support your finances, cash flow and payroll systems, schedule a call to discuss your required services with one of our team members, or fill in a contact form online.