4 points to consider when picking your recruitment agency sector

In the dynamic and diverse recruitment industry, there are seventeen sectors that operate. Understanding and picking which sector to work within is a fundamental decision and one that needs to be taken seriously. Once you start to specialise, build contacts and increase your knowledge base the possibility of moving industries is effectively requires starting the whole process again. We have put together four points that we believe individuals should consider when selecting their recruitment agency sector:

1.Detailed research

Detailed research is required when working to understand which recruitment sector your business is best placed for. Business owners need to take time out to not only identify what would be most suitable for the business but also carry out detailed research specifically in that sector. Understanding vital information such as: what is the predicted growth rate over the next 5 years, how has this industry performed over the last 5 years and are there any legislation/laws planned for this industry over the next coming years will provide a sense of direction on whether the recruitment sector you wish to enter is feasible.  Do your research, this is key!

2. Think about individual skills base

For a business to be successful, individuals involved need to have the right skills and knowledge. Considering individual skills, previous recruitment background, and the level of knowledge associated with any of the sectors will help determine which sector is right for you. It is also important to consider whether you have a passion and interest into a specific sector, if you hold a particular ambition for a sector then the likelihood is that you will achieve great success.

3. Temporary vs permanent consultant

One other point to consider when picking your recruitment agency sector is whether you have so far specialised as a temporary or Permanent consultant? Certain sectors can have a bias to one or the other, for example, due to the nature of the Finance and Legal sector is heavily perm orientated.  Many others have an equal mix such as Construction, Engineering, IT and Oil & Gas. Permanent and temporary recruitment desks require a very different skills set, many try to have a “mixed desk” and in some cases, this can be unsuccessful. A permanent consultant typically has a far greater attention to detail, more methodical and careful in their approach. Temporary consultants tend to be more aggressive in their sales approach, with admin and paperwork not at the forefront.

4. Become a specialist recruiter

Specialist recruiter, that’s what everyone wants to be! In order to be a specialise recruiter, make sure you know fully know your market place. To further gain specialist status within a sector, you can also drill down further, for example, within the construction market you could specialise into mechanical and electrical. This will help you to become Niche in your market.

Here at Quba Solutions we continuously work with individuals who are seeking the opportunity to start a  recruitment consultancy. If you are interested in taking that next step in your business, contact our team here or alternatively call us on: 01305 233178.