5 Signs You're Ready to Start Your Own Recruitment Business

With the recruitment industry growing rapidly now has never been a better time to consider starting your own recruitment business. Of course, setting up your own business isn’t easy and there are some things to take into consideration before you begin to invest time and money. The article below highlights five vital signs that you’re ready to start your own recruitment business.

1. You’re continuously thinking about it

You’re thinking about it. Something is telling you that you could do so much more. You may be in a large corporate recruitment firm or a small niche agency but rather than your next step being just another move, a change of scenery, you’ve no doubt been thinking of setting up on your own.

Your management may make out that starting your own recruitment business is a scary venture in attempt to hold on to their best staff but it’s actually a lot easier than you think. Quba Solutions provides the back office and funding for you to get cracking on your own from day one.

2. You’re frustrated by company culture and you strive for more from work

Company culture varies and some businesses are not to everyones tastes.  Management styles, erratic promotions, increased targets and changes to commission structures can all cause disillusionment.  Nothing creates more resentment than to build a desk, get promoted and your reward? Split that desk, train a new consultant on the other half and technically get paid less (although it’ll be dressed up as more long term!).  Imagine a world where you get to dictate the company culture how you want it. You want KPI’s – throw them in the mix. You don’t want KPI’s – don’t have them!  You create the culture – you’re the boss. You can innovate, embrace change, be the firm that you want to work for and attract like-minded individuals

3. You’re the top or one of the top fee billers

You drive a large amount of money for the business, you get a base and you get commission, but where does the rest of it go?  Sure you have the benefit of support, a database and a brand name but imagine a world where everything you make goes back into your own business? More importantly imagine how satisfying it would, and is, to build your own brand with the exact identity that you wish for. How can I risk my current salary? Easy, Risk Vs reward the most successful people in business have all taken a leap of faith, the most common quote “should of done it years ago” and don’t forget your current agency earns the vast majority of money out of you.

Work out what you would like to earn in a year and that’s your target, you will be surprised how low that figure is when you correlate it out to margin and temps working. Quba Solutions provides you with all the tools to run your business leaving you to do what you do best – recruit!  You will easily be able to increase your earnings over and above what you are on now by billing substantially less!

4. You manage people already and are responsible for P&L

Depending on your level of responsibilities you may have to control your team’s costs and overhead spend against profit on a monthly basis.  You also have management experience with different people, carrying out employee reviews, designating work and dealing with personnel issues.  Of the recruitment start ups that Quba has funded over the last three years the most successful are run by those that have an element of exposure beyond just running a desk.

5. You have built your desk from scratch

You rate yourself – you are a recruitment god.  The beauty of starting your recruitment agency is that you’ve already done it with your current firm. Just this time round you’re going to benefit 100% from the proceeds.  With Quba Solutions you have the platform you need to pay temps and bill clients. Your 100% funded, your debt is chased and insured, you receive your margin weekly and you have management visibility on everything on your dashboard. You don’t need a great deal to get going – a website, logo, phone and laptop.  You’ve got your network and you know your clients, (bearing in mind that you may have a convenance for a while from your old business)

If any of the above resonates with you please call our office on: 01305 233178 to discuss how we can help you start up your own recruitment business.  We don’t take a percentage of your business – you’re the expert, we merely give you the tools to succeed.