How Quba Solutions has helped Trusted Contracts to experience business growth.

Recruitment finance and back office solution providers Quba Solutions are continuously working to maintain and build strong relationships with new and existing clients. A recent interview with Trusted Contracts Managing Director Elliott Payne highlights his business partnership with Quba Solutions and how their expertise and services have helped their business thrive.

Elliott Payne, Director of Trusted Contracts started the business with a clear vision, to provide the construction industry with a fully transparent offering whereby both the client and the contractor understand completely the financial details of the arrangement. Elliot wanted to create a service whereby the contractor could trust the agency to charge a reasonable fee for their services, of which they would be fully aware. From this Trusted Contracts was born.

When establishing the business, Elliot highlighted that it took time to carefully select the finance provider that matched the ethos of the company and where a culture of transparency and customer service could permeate throughout the entire offering. After meeting with several providers, Trusted Contacts selected Quba Solutions based on their hands-on experience in the recruitment industry and the subsequent tailored services that were available. 

Trusted Contracts were searching for a finance partner who not only provided the full funding for the business but could also handle back office services in a manner that matched the ethics of Trusted Contracts: customer first and a level of professionalism that never dropped.

Considering large parts of the back office were going to be handled by Quba, it was imperative for Elliot to understand at all times how the business was performing. Whether that be access to debt reports and credit limits to electronic time-sheets that provide the ability to monitor contractors’ payroll each week. Quba’s online system, DymaniQ, provides the business with this information at a glance, in a portal that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Partnering with Quba has allowed Trusted Contractors to focus on what it does best, matching quality site managers and supervisors with respected and reliable clients. The service has provided the stability to build a business that is experiencing continued substantial growth, with weekly turnover at the end of the first year a 500% increase on week 1. 

Elliot's aim for Trusted Contracts is to continue on the same trajectory, establishing a renowned brand for a trusted, honest and transparent service that contractors and clients alike are confident in. Reflecting on his partnership with Quba, Elliot highlights that he would recommend Quba to any agency that is looking for a platform on which to build a successful business

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