A revolutionary new Timesheet App for your agency

Quba Solutions now has a new timesheet app for our recruiter clients and contractors. The app is designed to encourage worker uptake of electronic timesheets and further reduce the administration of processing paper timesheets.

Our Timesheet App

It has proved successful in testing with two of our recruiter clients and works in tandem with our e-timesheet process, allowing users to submit or approve timesheets on mobile devices or online via a computer.

How it works

Contractors can access the app across mobile and tablet devices with push notifications informing workers of timesheets that are ready to complete and submit. Contractors are now able to submit timesheets on the go and no longer have to wait until they are in front of their computer.

Research backed

Our research and testing has demonstrated that app-based timesheets are completed significantly sooner than e-timesheets allowing the end client more time to approve before the timesheet deadlines. There has also been a reduction in the need to chase timesheets at all in the run up to payroll cut-off times.

Efficient for your workers

Once the worker has downloaded the app and logged in for the first time with the credentials given to them at point of registration, they have easy access to fill in timesheets and view submitted and approved timesheets. Push notifications alert the worker that a timesheet is available to complete, and also when their timesheet has been approved meaning they aren’t chasing end clients at inconvenient times.

Our commitment to you

Here at Quba we invest heavily in our IT platform DynamiQ, and the app is yet another indication of our commitment to our recruitment partners and the industry in which we are one of the leading finance providers. Our second and third phase plans for the app have already been discussed and drawn up, these include increased marketing functionality and additional developments based on user feedback from both the contractor and the recruiter.

Get the app now

The app is a mobile version of our online timesheets portal and is available in two guises – a Quba Solutions branded app or a re-skinned app available to our recruiter partners in their own branding.

Call us today to discuss your own branded App on 01305 239961 or contact your account manager.