Wheatcroft Consulting

Key Experience

With over 25 years in the recruitment industry in the UK and Internationally I have extensive experience in many sectors, geographies and delivery models at a senior management level. My previous role for the last 9 years has been as the CEO for Randstad UK, Middle East and Ireland where I was responsible for the strategy, operational and functional delivery for this £700m turnover business. Delivery capabilities were organized into 5 key operational groups each headed up by a Managing Director- Construction, Property and Engineering, Public Sector, Business Support (Finance and Accounting/HR/Legal/Administration), On-Site Solutions and National Sales, Bid/Tender and Direct Delivery models. In addition to these operational reports all 5 functional Directors reporting to me – HR/IT/Finance/Marketing and Legal. Prior to Randstad I was the Managing Director for Hill McGlynn/Randstad CPE for 7 years which was a specialist recruiter in the Construction and Built Environment sector. Revenues reached £140m per annum and we were operational in the UK, Middle East, Australia and Canada. Prior to the MD role I held a variety of director, operational and sales management roles primarily in Hill McGlynn

Advisory and Consultancy Services

After many years in senior management roles in recruitment I now work as an advisor to recruitment businesses with a particular emphasis on helping SME’s to grow and scale through both organic and acquisition growth strategies . Over the years I have seen many good small businesses hit the ceiling and not achieve the growth they wanted to, not because of market dynamics, desire or innate ability but because scaling a business beyond incremental organic growth rates and making that growth resilient in the face of internal and external challenges requires a different mindset and approach to those needed for building a successful small business. The significant scaling of a business is a route that I have personally travelled, both as part of a team and then leading the team, I have seen and experienced the difficulties and set-backs as well as the triumphs at a personal and team level. I have learned a great deal along the way that I know will be useful to those who wish to understand how to build significant sustainable growth in their business.

When I came into recruitment I joined a business of 12 people with an initial ambition to grow a £10m business, within 10 years we had exceeded £100m, internationalized to 4 counties and sold the business to Vedior in 2000 who in turn were then bought by Randstad in 2008. I have experienced and been part of both public and private ownership and shareholder models and understand the pros and cons of them. My first management role was for a team of 3 recruiters and 15 years later I was managing a company with over 2000 staff. I did not, of course, achieve this as an individual , but rather as part of a team that shared a passion and an ambition but also brought different skills and abilities to the table. Much of what I do is about helping companies build the team, the mindset and the processes to be in a state of readiness to achieve something significant. Although the market is different in many ways today and recruitment itself is continually evolves as an industry in terms of culture, technology and delivery models the fundamental approach required to create the necessary conditions for a business to achieve significant growth remain essentially the same.

Models of Consultancy Provision

I understand the need for an adaptive, flexible and cost effective model for consultancy services which can alter over time so I work with a variety of models :-

  • Non Exec Director
  • Day and Half Day Rate
  • Hourly Consultation and Advisory rate
  • Defined Projects

Everything always starts with a conversation so drop me a mail or even better give me a call and we can have that conversation to see if there is something I can help you with.

Mark Bull
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