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How to start your own recruitment agency

If you're an experienced recruiter and want to look at forming your own recruitment business, then our guide should help you get started

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What can you learn from top business leaders?

In any walk of life, learning from those that go before you is the most assured way of avoiding prior mistakes and repeating successes. Taking the time to understand why someone is successful can help you to mirror that in your own life, or business.   With that in mind, what can we learn from […]

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Is it actually a good time to start your own recruitment business during an ongoing Pandemic?

There is an argument that a difficult economic backdrop makes businesses tougher and nimbler in years to come.

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Our environmental commitments for 2020

Quba Solutions is actively taking steps to mitigate its impact on the environment and that of its staff. If governments are slow to show the way, then its time for business to lead the way.

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Companies House – Filing False Accounts

If something sees too good to be true, it probably is.

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Understanding debt and how it’s crucial to running a successful recruitment business

Over 200 new agencies start up every month but despite early stage success many fail and only 20% make it to a headcount beyond double figures.

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Starting a recruitment business, your best decision yet…

If you're working in the recruitment industry and are a successful consultant, the chances are at some point you will have asked yourself the question, what would it be like to run my own agency?

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When to transfer funding provider

If your contract is coming up for renewal in the next six months and you're debating whether to transfer from your current funding provider, here are a few key elements that are worth considering with serious thought.

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Top takeaways from the last 10 years of the recruitment industry

The recruitment industry is a fast-paced market that is continuously changing, therefore, it is important to ensure businesses review the top takeaways from over the years to see what has worked and what has progressively changed.