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Isn’t it nice when things just work? Our unique online platform makes your life simpler.

Is our online easy to use dashboard that provides all you need to manage your business at a glance

Free Timesheet App

We create time for the workforce that has no time! Our free timesheet app makes it quick and easy to submit and approve timesheets on the go, and is available to download on the Apple Store or Google Play.


These allow automatic exporting of data from your CRM if you need. Currently both Zoho and Bullhorn are available.


DynamiQ collates data and stores all the data you or your accountant might need. Reports such as detailed margin reports and payroll reports can be download at the click of a button.

How it works

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Timesheets as standard

We want our partners to have access to a highly advanced system. Significant investment has been put into building a unique, easy to use system.
The temporary worker submits their timesheet via the online portal which automatically alerts the client. The client simply accepts or rejects the timesheet and the worker is notified. Visibility is key so a traffic light system has been designed to keep the recruiter up to date.

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Gross profit

Your gross profit report shows you a snapshot of how your business has been performing over the last quarter giving you a clear indicator of growth. You can filter this to show individual clients or consultants , and drill down to see the individual invoices and breakdown of costs.

All the data can be exported for you to use as required, working out consultant commissions as just one example, for specific weeks, or covering a longer period of time.

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Aged debt

Having visibility of your debt and the age of your debt is the first step to minimise risk.

DynamiQ will provide full visibility of your debt both in the form of a total debt balance and a full aged debt report, showing the age of the debt in current, 30, 60 and 90 days. This can be viewed in the simple pie chart, or you can drill down and get client by client breakdown.

Controlling your aged debt and having your invoices paid promptly is another key factor to ensuring your debt doesn’t spiral out of control. Having an experienced credit controller to manage the credit control process on your behalf is crucial. Quba provide all agency partners with an experienced and dedicated credit controller who will contact your clients from the very beginning to create longstanding relationships.

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Credit limits

To trade with a client, you need to have a sufficient credit limit in place to cover your outstanding invoices in the instance that a client was to fall into administration prior to having paid your invoices. These can be requested and implemented swiftly through DynamiQ so you can place candidates out to work safe in the knowledge the debt is insured.

You can keep track of your credit limits and how much is in use using the bar chart on the dashboard. Our simple colour coding enables you to easily see which are approaching their limit and may need increasing, or other action taken.

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Free Timesheet App

Free to download for clients and contractors from the app store and google play, our timesheet app can significantly reduce the time taken to get all your timesheets submitted and approved.

With push notifications to your workers reminding them to complete their timesheet and for your client to let them know they have timesheets to check and approve the whole process is quick, easy, and saves a lot of admin for you – no more chasing for signed timesheets and manually typing out each workers hours.

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Timesheet process

Activation email

Worker and Client (Approver) receive e-timesheet activation email

Timesheet completed

Worker completes online timesheet at the end of the working week and the approver receives a timesheet waiting for approval email

Approve or reject

Approver either approves or rejects timesheet

Payment completed

Quba receives automatic notification, pays the worker and invoices the client